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We provide FRCR 2B long case examination packets, containing 6 cases each. In our carefully curated packets, we combine assorted cases from each of the radiological sub-specialties encountered in the exam: musculoskeletal, cardiothoracic, neuroradiology, paediatric, head & neck, breast and abdominal radiology.

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Each case is a DICOM file, just like in the real exam! View the full sequences through our integrated viewer, on any device.

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Get access to 20 rapid reporting sets, viewable through our DICOM viewer, when you register for membership.

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We simulate the FRCR 2B exam as closely as possible. Window, zoom, pan and scroll through radiological studies directly on your browser with NeoLogica's RemoteEye Lite DICOM viewer, which is integrated seamlessly into our website. Measure your speed with our built-in timer. Or, download NeoLogica’s RemotEye Viewer to interact with our cases on your desktop and time yourself. Whichever method you prefer, 3 to 8 months from now, or however long, you'll be ready to sit the exam and succeed.

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Feature Highlights

  • Study for the exam online anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Interact with cases through a DICOM viewer, just like the real exam
  • Browser and desktop DICOM viewer options available
  • Track your speed with a built-in timer with pause and reset features
  • Submit your answer for each case directly onto the website
  • Cases cover the radiological sub-specialties encountered in the exam
  • Neologica RemoteEye Lite DICOM viewer loads directly in browser
  • Neologica RemotEye Viewer option available for desktop download
  • Model answers provided at the end of the exam

View the DICOM files for each case just like the real exam!


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Can I view the DICOM files on my mobile?

Yes, you can view the DICOM files of each case on any device.

How many times can I view each case?

Once you are signed up to an active membership you can view as many cases as often as you like.

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