A very good, unparallelled resource for Long Cases in the 2B exam

I passed my 2B at the second sitting in Spring 2019. In retrospect I sort of wished I spent more time on this site, as the long cases experience is comparable to the exam – on my computer it does take a while for the cases to load up and to change windowing on CT e.g. The selection of cases is huge, and it is also a very good way of stimulating targeted revision of selected topics for the exam, instead of forcing yourself to read a book chapter from A to Z. Which can be soul destroying.

I found the rapids on this site a bit less helpful overall, but that remains a bit of a random component of the exam anyway: essentially you will need to do as many rapid sets as possible, so every little helps!

Overall, the FRCRlongs is a must-have resource for the 2B.

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