Incredibly useful resource, excellent value for money

FRCRlongcases provides a superb range of cases of varying difficulty, very useful in preparation for the FRCR 2B examination. Some of the cases require you to think laterally which is good practice in preparing for the exam during which one or two cases also require the same skills. My subscription ended a day earlier than I had hoped for just prior to the written exams. Following an email to the FRCRlongs team, they very kindly extended my subscription with no questions asked so that I could go over some cases in my final revision. Their response was very quick and I could not have imagined I would have had the same response from some other online revision websites (some of which, which you will know if you have done your research are literally 10x the price of FRCRlongs). The service they provide is first class.

Overall, an excellent revision resource, not to forget the rapids cases too, and fantastic value for money. A must have for all candidates sitting the FRCR 2B examination!

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