Error Message: ‘Invalid Images’

Being the first website to provide a fully functioning DICOM viewer has not been easy. We’ve faced our fair share of challenges. In the beginning, image sub-sampling and incorrect viewer settings resulted in blurry images and the full quality of our studies not coming across. Then, after re-calibrating our viewer to show sequences with true DICOM-quality clarity, we were faced with the issue of maxing out our server memory. As a result, you may have come across the error message “invalid images” while going through cases. The good news is, we have now fixed this server issue, by purchasing much more server memory. We now show our images at Apple’s Retina display level quality, in keeping with our promise to you to provide a study experience that simulates the FRCR exam as closely as possible.

We did all of this because we recognized that there was a need for an online FRCR 2B study resource that closely simulated the exam, so that you can practice anywhere at any time, in a way that prepares you for the real thing. This comes first.. cost comes last.

We thank you for your patience and continued patronage, as we continue to grow and better our platform.

The FRCR Longs Team


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