Introducing Rapid Reporting Bonus Sets

Following requests from members to include rapid reporting sets, we went ahead and did just that! If you are a Silver or Gold member, you may now access 5 sets of 30 films each, which are viewable through our DICOM viewer, here. What sets us apart is that our rapids are made up of full DICOM films, meaning that you can not only window as you please, but also have the ability to view them with the same level of detail as at work, or in the exam. Of course, in the exam they use iMacs with retina display (2880 x 1880). If you have one of these at home, or a different monitor with equal or better resolution, then you are getting the real deal with us. We are working on adding more sets in the near future.

If you are a Basic Member interested in upgrading, you may do so here.

This is one more step towards our goal of providing you with the highest quality practice, so that you may pass the FRCR exam on the first go.

Happy studying!

The FRCR Longs Team

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