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Welcome to FRCR Longs, the first dedicated FRCR 2B Long Case practice website, and the first with an integrated DICOM viewer!

This site was created with the aim of optimizing your long case score, to help you pass the exam on the first go. That’s why we went the extra mile in incorporating a DICOM viewer, which features window level pre-sets including lung, soft tissue and bone, just like in the real exam. We wanted to simulate the exam as closely as we could, so that you, the user, can feel as prepared as possible on the day of the exam.

We’re constantly improving, so check our Blog for site news and updates, as well as exam pointers. In our Tips and Tricks section, you can learn what examiners are looking for in the long case answers, how the packets are scored, and what type of cases commonly feature in the exam. We provide advice to help you formulate better answers and improve your time management when sitting the FRCR 2B long case exam.

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to contact us with any feedback.


The FRCR Longs Team

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